• December Workshop Announced

    Equilibrium Risk is excited to announce that the date of their final workshop of the year will be Tuesday 3rd December, in Huddersfield.

    Date: 22 November 2019 Read More
  • Supporting Business Growth

    Equilibrium Risk ran their third Understanding your Security Risk workshop of the year- I found the workshop to be eye-opening and very useful.

    Date: 07 October 2019 Read More
  • Events Announced

    The next couple of months promises to be a busy period for Equilibrium Risk as they announce the launch of 2 events. Read all about where and when and why you shouldn’t miss out.

    Date: 01 September 2019 Read More
  • 10 Security Tips for Lone Working

    With employers wanting to hire and retain the best staff and employees embrace their new-found freedoms and find employment that works for them, flexible working is the new norm. But this has led to more lone working, or employees being classed as ‘at-risk’. Here are 10 security tips for working ‘at-risk’.

    Date: 25 July 2019 Read More
  • 8 Things to Consider BEFORE Investing in Security

    One of the first questions I always get asked is: How much will it cost? Now we all know it’s not all about cost, there are other things to consider such as the benefits it will bring to the business. But still, the cost can the deciding factor on whether a project is given the green light or not. So,

    Date: 11 July 2019 Read More
  • Case Study: How a Layered Security Plan Prevented Loss

    Huddersfield Rugby Union Football Club has been a long-standing client of ours. However, around 6 months ago they suffered a break-in – the first under our watch. Read about what happened.

    Date: 24 June 2019 Read More
  • More Workshop Success for Equilibrium Risk

    Following the success of the first Understanding your Security Risk workshop, we are delighted to announce that the second workshop, held last month, was also a hit.

    Date: 04 June 2019 Read More
  • May Workshop Date Announced

    Following the success of our first Understanding your Security Risk workshop, we are delighted to announce the date for our second workshop.

    Date: 09 April 2019 Read More
  • Workshop Success for Equilibrium Risk

    Following on from the launch of our “Understanding your Security Risk” workshops earlier this year, we are pleased to announce that the first fully-booked event was a success.

    Date: 20 March 2019 Read More
  • Action Counters Terrorism

    Communities defeat terrorism. With the enduring terrorist threat, it is now more important than ever that everyone plays their part in tackling terrorism. Your actions could save lives.

    Date: 24 January 2019 Read More
  • Guidance on the Use of Security Cameras

    Simply putting up a camera in the hope of stopping criminal activity is not going to work. A more detail approach needs to be made if the system is going to achieve what you want it to.

    Date: 22 January 2019 Read More
  • Understand your Security Risk

    Your business is at risk from cyber attacks, criminal activity and even accidents at work. But with budgets being tight, where do you invest your hard earned money?

    Date: 07 January 2019 Read More