Understand your Security Risk

Understanding your Security Risk

At Equilibrium Risk, we are excited to announce the launch of our “Understanding your Security Risk” workshops, designed to help business owners make better decisions about investing money in security.

The workshops are the first stage of our unique Equilibrium Analysis, a security management tool that combines the physical and digital environments. Each workshop, which is free to attend, will be limited to six businesses and are scheduled to take place throughout the year.

As an award-winning security and risk management company, Equilibrium Risk is well positioned to offer businesses advice and guidance surrounding this topic. The workshops will provide a detailed view of the security risks specific to each business, grading them from the most extreme to the negligible.

Criminal activity poses a great risk to business both on a national and a local level. According to a Home Office report, the cost of crime to business stands at £9Bn per year and with the continuous evolution of crime against businesses, particularly cyber-crime, there has never been a better time to understand this risk.

Intent on changing the way security expense is viewed, Equilibrium Risk is laying on these workshops free of charge to help business owners better understand how they should invest in security. Luke Appleby, Director of Equilibrium Risk said, “I am really looking forward to these workshops and helping business owners better understand security. Security shouldn’t be seen as an expense that prohibits businesses growth, it should be seen as an investment that supports business operations and enables businesses to grow sustainably.”

The “Understanding your Security Risk” workshops will run for three hours and will comprise three assessments. Firstly, the asset assessment is a detailed look into the resources that have a positive effect on the business’s operations. Secondly, the threat assessment identifies who and what can have an adverse effect on the business. And lastly, the vulnerability assessment identifying how vulnerable each asset is to attack. Uniquely, the workshops will span the physical and digital environments, providing each organisation with a detailed view of their security risks.

Designed so that businesses do not give away valuable information, each workshop will be limited to a maximum of six businesses and attendees will have the opportunity to meet likeminded business owners and share their security challenges in a confidential and safe environment.

Equilibrium Risk will also offer a follow up to assist organisations to evaluate the next steps in dealing with their security risks.

If you would like to know more about the Equilibrium Analysis and how our free workshops can benefit your business, follow this link.

Luke, Director

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