Equilibrium Analysis

Are you protecting what's important to your business?

Are you confident that your business is protected effectively? Do you make your security decisions based on fear, doubt or uncertainty? Or are they based on “best practice” or because that is what “everyone else is doing”? As a business owner, do you get value for money from your security expanse?

Security  Analysis

At Equilibrium Risk, we believe in effective security. We believe in objective decision making, defining the risks faced by your business before taking steps to mitigate them. Our bespoke security analysis, Equilibrium Analysis, takes a clear, balanced and strategic view of security. Meaning you can benefit by:

With our experience and expertise, we can take away the fear, doubt, and uncertainty around protecting your business. We can provide real peace of mind allowing you to concentrate on more important things.

Return on Investment

As a business owner, do you see the value of security, or is it an expense that comes directly off your bottom line? Our risk-based approach means that you can achieve real return on investment for your security investment. By defining and quantifying your risks, we can ensure that your expenditure is in line with your business objectives with our quarterly metrics and reports showing the impact of your expenses.

Proactive Security

Have you suffered any loss or damage as the result of criminal activity? Was the loss within acceptable boundaries? At Equilibrium Risk, we believe that your business objectives should drive your security decisions. Our objective and documented approach allow for a transparent view of security risk, meaning you can make better decisions about protecting your business.

Having managed risk in our military careers, we understand how effective security works. We know it’s not about spending lots of money, but rather about spending money effectively; the Equilibrium Analysis can help achieve this. Our detailed report highlights exactly where the risks are and when used on an annual basis, the Equilibrium Analysis will ensure your money is invested exactly where it needs to be. Saving you time, effort and money.

At Equilibrium Risk we understand that protecting a business is not just about protecting the assets, it’s about protecting the people, information, systems, processes, culture and physical surroundings. We are 100% confident that the Equilibrium Analysis will make a positive difference to your business.

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