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Are you Protecting your Business Effectively?

In the good old days, criminals had the decency to at least physically interact with business before committing a criminal act. Today, a business is at risk from cyber attacks, criminal activity, and the insider threat. An attack can be perpetrated against your business at any time of day from anywhere in the world, most likely while you are cosy in bed.

Security Audit

Protecting your business has become more like solving a Rubix cube! You must protect against:

Getting one ‘side’ of security correct and ‘lined up’, knocks the other sides out! Protecting your business effectively round the clock has become a real challenge!

It goes without saying, but without an effective policy to protect you, your employees and your livelihood you could lose money, credibility, and even your business.

But with threats constantly evolving, how can you be sure your business is protected effectively?

How We Help

Equilibrium Risk has designed a comprehensive security analysis, Equilibrium Analysis, that takes a clear, balanced and strategic view of security risk. Our unique analysis looks at risks in the key areas of your business: your Physical Environment and your Digital Environment.

At Equilibrium Risk, we employ a strategy which will help you understand your risk, evaluate your possible solutions, manage your security measures and review your risks. Resulting in a hassle-free security plan that is effective and remains up to date against all the latest threats.

Security Audit

Key benefits to your business will include:

Imagine the peace of mind an up-to-date security plan would bring. Imagine you saw a return on your security investment. Imagine saving money. only protecting what was important to your business, nothing more.

How would that make you feel? How would that impact your business?

A complex subject that is broken down into manageable and practical sections.

Kerry Fennelly - Winder Power

Understanding your Security Risk

The first step in protecting your business effectively is assessing and understanding your security risk. Without fully understanding the risk your business faces, you can’t hope to protect it effectively.

At Equilibrium Risk, we employ a workshop strategy to help guide you through the process. During our workshops, a detailed analysis of the threats to your business is made, grading them from the most extreme to the negligible. This provides you with a transparent view of your security risk and priorities, allowing you to make more knowledgeable decisions in planning your security budget.

Invest your time and find out how our FREE workshop can benefit your business, or drop an email to enquiries@equilibriumrisk.com to discuss your requirements in more detail.

I found the security risk workshop was extremely useful. I can highly recommend this workshop and its solutions be implemented in all organisations.

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