Martyn's Law: What's Different?

Martyn's Law: What's Different?

Martyn’s Law, what’s different? If you’re anything like me then when a piece of new legislation comes out, you immediately wonder “how does this affect me?”.

With Martyn’s Law it’s not immediately apparent how this new Legislation differs from the Counter Terrorism and Safety Act 2015 or the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, for example. So, it’s not immediately apparent how it will affect you so, you would be right to ask that question.

In this short blog, I hope to answer the question what’s different with Martyn’s Law from other existing Legislation so you can decide how it will affect you.

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Firstly, Martyn’s Law emphasises the public disclosure of security information by venue operators or event managers. This includes providing details about security measures, emergency evacuation procedures, and responses in the case of a terror threat. This level of transparency aims to inform and reassure the public while enhancing preparedness.

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Secondly, Martyn’s Law emphasises the need for a comprehensive risk assessment specifically for terrorism. While both the existing Acts require risk assessments, Martyn’s Law specifically mandates thorough risk assessments tailored to the threat of terrorism. This means venue operators must identify the potential risks related to a terror attack and implement appropriate security measures to mitigate these risks.

Thirdly, Martyn’s Law has government oversight and guidance. Martyn’s Law calls for government oversight and guidance to ensure effective compliance with the new legislation. This involves providing training, such as the ACT Training, providing free resources through the Protect UK website & App, and support to venue operators conducting audits and risk assessments. In addition, there is also the ability of the government to enforce penalties for non-compliance. Such active involvement by the government is not explicitly outlined in any of the existing Acts.

Overall, Martyn’s Law introduces new provisions that focus specifically on counter terrorism and protecting the public from a terror attack. The reasons above has highlighted why Martyn’s Law is different to existing legislation so you can decide how it affects you.

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